On June 12, 1935, Adelaide Anderson of Seattle, Washington, Supreme Deputy of Daughters of the Nile contacted Eva M. Nelson in regard to forming a Temple in Omaha. A group of interested ladies were invited to Mrs. Nelson’s home. Plans were made to invite eligible ladies to a meeting called for January 25, 2936, at the Fontenelle Hotel.

Supreme Queen Dorella Taylor and Deputy at Large Emma Knapsmeyer were present and presided at this meeting. Twenty-two ladies were present and expressed their desire to form a Temple by signing a petition and paying their fee, after which they were given the Obligation and instruction in the ritualistic work of the Order. The group selected Eva M. Nelson as their first Queen. Supreme Queen Dorella Taylor appointed C. Hazel Morgan as Princess Royal. The Queen and Princess Royal then appointed officers to serve for the ensuing year. The name Sat-ra Temple was chosen, it being the name of the wife of the first King of Egypt, Rameses I., 1400 BC.

The first U.D. meeting was held February 6, 1936 and on April 2, 1936, with fifty-one names, Sat-ra Temple was constituted and chartered by Supreme Queen Dorella Taylor.

Our Stated Sessions were held at the Fontenelle Hotel until September 1939, when we moved to the Elks Club. We moved to the Masonic Temple in June 1941 and held our first Stated Session there in September. We moved to the new Shrine Mosque in 1976.

Our monthly sewing was held at the homes of the members until December 1940, when we moved to the Masonic Temple.

At the Supreme Session in San Francisco, 1953, our Past Queen Ruth C. Deaton was elected Supreme Princess Badoura and was installed as Supreme Queen at the Supreme Session held in Omaha, 1956.

At the Supreme Session in Miami, 1973, our Past Queen Fay H. Andrews was elected Supreme Princess Badoura and was installed Supreme Queen at the Supreme Session held in Omaha, 1976


Rebecca 'Becky' Unger 2023-24

Cassandra 'Cassi' Norton 2022-23

Angie Huebner-2021-22

Roxanne Mrasek-2020-21

Karen Smith Clopton – 2019-20

Donna Walter- 2018-19

Samantha Gunn- Hatfield- 2017-18

Cheryl Elliott- 2016-17

​Susan Corbin- 2015-16

Tina Abbott Bowerman- 2014-15

Angie Huebner- 2013-14

Phyllis Harper- 2012-13

Becky Unger- 2011-12

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Sue Ellenberger- 2009-10

Bev Donham- 2008-09

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Juanita Henderson- 2004-05

*Trudy Carlton- 2003-04

Nina Heckert- 2002-03

Marti Neely- 2001-02

Margie Ludvigsen- 2000-01

Doris McDonald- 1999-00

Mary Elizabeth Waite- 1998-99

Donna Thilgen- 1997-98

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*Dorothy Bower- 1995-96

*Myrna K. Sorenson- 1994-95

Linda C. Jasa- 1993-94

*Dona Lauritsen 1992-93

Cathy Grubtill- 1991-92

*M. Lillian Bedell- 1990-91

Winifred Floth- 1989-90

Betty Roeder- 1988-89

*Erma McMullen- 1987-88

Mildred Rogers- 1986-87

*Bobbie Miller- 1985-86

Barbara Blank- 1984-85

*Doris Boldt- 1983-84

Ruth Hansen- 1982-83

*Ronnie Cochran- 1981-82

*Hazel Spangler- 1980-81

*Phyllis Mallory- 1979-80

*Patty Pettit- 1978-79

Elizabeth Ford- 1977-78

*Alice Houghton- 1976-77

*Pauline Love- 1975-76

*Irene Schneiderwind- 1974-75

*Jacqueline Bauer- 1973-74

*Lillian Monroe- 1972-73

*Esther Kistler- 1971-72

Fay H. Andrews, PSQ- 1970-71

*Susan Ruser- 1969-70

*Ruth Brown- 1968-69

Dorothy Nicholson- 1967-68

*Hazel Frost- 1966-67

*Doris Post- 1965-66

*Marvyl Grunwald- 1964-65

*Mary Delle Bradley

*Katherine Pilcher

*Mildred Hough

*Vera Allard

*Alberta Amis

*Violet Fields

*Wilma Samson

*June G. Johnson

*Laura Ross

*Jessie I. Dworak

*Kay Krauth

*Ellen Steinert

*Artence Kuhn

*Ellen Karnett

*Elmira Hanson

*Eva Foulks

*Vera S. Bailey

*Ruth C. Deaton, PSQ- 1946-47

*Marjorie Houser- 1945-46

*Marie Landeryou- 1944-45

*Gerda Anderson- 1943-44

*Marie Nygaard- 1942-43

*Matilda Krecek- 1941-42

*Lenore Snyder- 1940-41

*Helen Davis- 1939-40

*Nellie Lenderyou- 1938-39

*Madeline G. Walrath- 1937-38

*Eva M. Nelson- 1936-37

* Deceased

^ Demit